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welcome to the Château d’Allot Golf Course / Agen-Boé

The Golf Course at Agen-Boé is the latest created in Aquitaine and offers an original course on the magnificent site at Chateau d’Allot planted with cedars over a hundred years old.

Michel Gayon, famous architect of golf courses, used every advantage of this prestigious site. Its original layout of gentle slops follows its lakes and the Garonne, symbolic river of the department of Lot-et-Garonne. Located at the edge of the city of Agen, 6 minutes away from the motorway exit, it is an unmissable course for those whose time is precious.









The course

The Golf Agen-Boé offers a true course with 3 par 3, 3 par 4 and 3 par 5 for a total of 36. This golf course will seduce you thanks to its originality and its field level difference.

  • N°1 :  PAR 5 with a large valley-shaped, a green defended by  2 bunkers and a water hazard on the right.

    N°2 : Short PAR 4 in left dogleg stuck to an out of bounds on the left and a water hazard on the right. Multiple bunkers hide the green.

    N°3 : PAR 5 with a tee off on a narrow fairway bordered on its left by a water hazard until the green, defended by a bunker on its right and an out of bounds on the back.

    N°4 : Island-shaped PAR 3, tee off area and green surrounded by water

    N°5 : PAR 4 bordered by a an out of bounds on the left and a water hazard on the right nearly touching the gently sloped green. Be careful of the out of bounds on the back of the green.

    N°6 : Long PAR 5 interrupted by a water hazard. A green defended by its slopes, which take your balls into the water hazard behind. Shared green with the N°8 (players from the 8th have priority).

    N°7 : PAR 3 bordered by an out of bounds on its right and a green defended by a bunker on the right

    N°8 : Temporary PAR 3 with a shared green with N°6

    N°9 : PAR 4 with a water hazard on the tee off area and a narrow green.

    N°10 : PAR 3 bordered by a water hazard on its right and a green defended on its right by a bunker

    N°11 : PAR 4, the hardest with a slight rise and a left dogleg. The green is elevated and protected by 2 bunkers.

    N°12 : On this PAR 5 with a strong left dogleg, accuracy takes over power. Green defended by multiple bunkers on the front and its sides

    N°13 : Temporary PAR 3 with a green sloping toward the lake

    N°14 :  Spectacular PAR 3 : a lake to go over, bunkers around the green

    N°15 :  the longest and straightest PAR 5. Bordered on the left by the Garonne and an out of bounds. The green is small and slightly curved and sloping backward

    N°16 : Quite short and wide PAR 4. The green approach is the only difficulty. It’s elevated and protected by 2 very deep bunkers and an out of bounds very close on the left.

    N°17 : very demanding PAR 3 due to its narrowness. Centenary cedars on your left, Garonne on your right. A bunker on your right and in front of the green.3

    N°18 : PAR 4 with a water hazard on the tee off. A right dogleg fairway bordered by a water hazard on its left. Elevated green on a double plateau, defended by a bunker on its right.





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fares - 2023


Novembre/December/January/February/March12 holes : 25 € // 18 holes : 28 € (week) / 30 € (week-end)

April/May/June and September/October: 12 holes : 35 €  //  18 holes : 40 € (week) / 45 € (week-end)

July and August : 12 holes : 40 €  //  18 holes : 50 € (week) / 55 € (week-end)


By 10 = +2 free

12 holes : 15€ (members and non-members)  //  18 holes : 20 € (members) et 28 € (non-members)


 unit 2 €

half set 10 €

  • Trolley

5€                          Free for members


bucket : 2 €

loadable card : 2 € the card, then you load it with the number of bucket you wish

By 10 = 20€ (non-members) 18€ (members)




INDIVIDUEL       990 €

  • 70 Y.O et + :   910 €
  • 30 to 34 Y.O. :  750 €
  • 25 to 29 Y.O: 650 €
  • 18 to 24 Y.O:   350 €

COUPLE (married-pacs) 1 650 €

Other fares : contact us.



  • 1h discovery
  • 10h lessons – with equipment
  • Free access to the course (after the teacher’s approbation du pro)
  • ‘Carte verte’ exam.

Individual         400 €     



Our independent teacher CHAUVIN Philippe is at your disposal  for classes (groups and individual). Contact at +336. or





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